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Drain Camera

uTool uCam Mini - 35m

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uTool uCam Mini is an extremely versatile unit that packs a punch with a 23mm Sony CCD self levelling camera head including a high quality rugged sapphire glass lens that gives you a crystal clear HD picture with still image and recording functions. The push cable is a 6.8mm fibreglass cable to give you the strength to push down 35m yet the flexibility to navigate through multiple bends, Junctions and around a gully.  The camera head has an inbuilt sonde to locate and trace stormwater or sewer lines with any locator that picks up a 512hz frequency.


A compact camera head with long flexible spring to negotiate tight bends with ease. 

Sony 23mm Self Levelling Stainless Steel camera head with sapphire scratch free lens and 12 LED lights. 

512Hz sonde built into camera head for easy location.

35mm fibreglass rod cable with Stainless Steel reel.

One touch video record/still image button.

7" LCD Monitor with DVR and wireless keyboard.

Rechargeable Li-Battery with 5 hours continuous run time.

Inbuilt meter counter.

Screen Zoom and flip functions

Compact rugged and waterproof design. 

Specifically for drains sized 50-200mm


 DEMO'S Available in Brisbane. Contact us for more details.